Saturday, November 3, 2007


At last I found it in New York city. Once in a while I used to visit upstate and found their trees beautiful but couldn't take any photos. I did tried to set up a date to visit my friend's place and couldn't work it out as she told me later that the charm has disappeared now and the leaves were all dried now. I was thinking that the fall has just started and I was wrong. The fall came and gone and couldn't really gauge the passing time so swiftly. I visited Central park three times to check whether the trees were changing their colors. First time, i was lost in the middle of the Central Park as I tried to venture new places. So big to lost in the park. It's true and when it became dark, I found one tree with red leaves. i was annoyed indeed but I wasn't hopeless. I tried few days later from the other direction but couldn't find what I was looking for. Last Friday, I visited again hoping that I will succeed in my venture. Yes! This time I found it and it looks magnificent. I saw many people attracted by its beauty. First, a newly married couple for a photo shoot, then an old guy with an self starter auto camera. I knew that he won't get a good picture, so I helped him voluntarily to take a picture. Whoever passed by, took pictures near this charming beauty. Whatever, now the season has changed and the fall has gone. Within few days, whole thing will change and leaves will dry . As saying goes like "Change is the law of nature" I am happy that I got what I was looking for during this short fall. Hope you guys have a beautiful photos of fall too.

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