Monday, October 20, 2008


Few days back, I visited Nagpur, a city located in the mid of India where Baba Ambedkar converted thousands of Indian dalits into Buddhism in 1956. The day coincides with the Hindu's puja ceremony where thousands of pilgrims from all over India visit Nagpur to attend the Disha Bumi to commemorate the event. 
The journey through Central India by second class train was fun and also a reminiscence of my college life where we used of board trains during our holidays. Nothing much have changed except the pantry guys serving foods visit faster than it was before. 
I visited the main premises of Disha Bumi where folks of people gathered where people walk shoulder to shoulder without getting a space to move. Such a volume of populace had I ever seen which realizes me of how rich India is of its population. After all, India stands tightly after the Chinese by crossing over billions now. 

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