Friday, January 16, 2009


I believe everyone has a plan of visiting the majestic Gateway of India, Mumbai which is the epicenter of India's commercial businesses and ofcourse, how can I ever forget the world largest film production, our own bollywood where most our superstars tangle around with heroine for atleast about half an hour in each movie, if I bluntly exaggerate. When we generally talk about Mumbia, we always come across those high profile actors and business centers but never thought of what is going on with the rest millions who are struggling thier life to feed their families on the daily basis. 
I came to Mumbia for the first time and interestingly, landed in the middle of Kalyan, a busy place which is little far from Central Mumbia. The hotel where we stayed is one of its kind with a huge window without  a glass, where we can observe the busy market even in the midnight. It was just like watching a movie on a gaint screen. The sound of traffics, trains, market, commuters, passerby, dogs and others along with big kisses of mosquitoes left us with little sleep. I can proudly say that India too has a place where the city never sleeps. But here in this part of the world, I can say that this city never sleeps and never let us sleep quitely. 
It was also funny that we boarded an autorickshaw last night and we need not have to tell the driver where we were going. The driver knows and dropped us right at place where we are suppose to go. Truly unbelievable!!
The vegetable market beneath our hotel starts early around 5.00am and with no sleep,  I thought to take some shots from our glassless window, where we can observe a variety of things, such as cows, rickshaws, trains, buses, school kids, vendors, and plenty of vegetables..

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