Sunday, February 8, 2009


In the mid of sandal groves and farms, His Holiness Palnor Rinpoche built Namdroling Monastery in 1963 with the handful of students. he laid the foundation soon after reaching south India which was  consecrated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.  The monastery which now accomodates nearly 5,000 monks and nuns who are Tibetans as well as from Trans Himalyan regions. It is located at camp number 4 of Lugsum Samdrup Ling Tibetan Settlement in Bylakuppe, which is about an hour drive from Mysore city. This settlement is the largest and the oldest Tibetan Settlement in India which was earlier granted by the late Chief Minister of Karnataka, Shri S. Nijalingappa to the early Tibetan refugees of 1959. 
Unlike other Tibetan monasteries around the areas, Namdroling Monastery became a tourist attraction lately afterthe Golden Temple was built.  Karnataka State Government also recognize it as a tourist spot where people from near and far pay their visit to feel the luxurious and spacious aura of Tibetan monastery. It is estimated that more than a thousand people visits the temple during weekends. With its shining golden rooftops and a magnificant gold plated statues, it is popularly known as Golden Temple among the Indians. Here are some of the snaps which I took of the monastery and the monks who were busy playing games during their weekend leisure hours.

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