Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Shah Jahan, the mughal empire dedicated this monumental tomb to his beloved wife which took him more than decades. many artisens from many countries worked on this classic monument using various pracious stones which to this present world is lost and gone. 
I went to Agra with an expectation to witness the world's greatest architect that took me nearly six hours including six traffic jams on the way from Delhi. Seriously, it was a tiring journey but i was comfort by thousands of people thronging from different part of the world just to take a look at this gaint musoleum. 
I must caution the people that if you are planning to go, just keep your shoes at the shoe  keeper that just cost you little money. Otherwise, shoe theft is commonly seen as I have witnessed it. My friend lost her shoes and she was forced to go without a shoe. That was a horrible thing happening at the world greatest place. Alas!!

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