Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today, India did a splendid end of the Commonwealth Game in Delhi with prom and much festivities during the Closing Ceremony. The lighting was superb, laser rays were sharp, crowds were overwhelming, sportmen with glittering medals, cultural troupes with colorful dresses and spectacular shows filled the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. Military parade was one of a kind, which makes all Indian proud of their forces.
Game started well and ended well too, despite some pregame controversies and mishaps. Indian players deserve a full round of applause for making India ranking second to Australia, marking a record of 101 medals under their belt. Congratulation to all the Indian players. You guys are heroes of India, the great nation.
I manage to take photos of the firework of the closing ceremony from my rooftop, where I waited for almost two hours. I nearly missed the show, when I returned to my room to check the television of the closing ceremony. Luckily, I got on time to the roof and was able to click some photos. The air is dusty and smoked. It was not a clear sky, even though, there wasn't any clouds above.

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