Sunday, March 16, 2008


On Saturday, hundreds of Tibetan protested on the sideway facing the Chinese Consulate, New York for the second day. It started around 09.00am and people kept on coming throughout the day. Just after two hours, the protest turned into heat when some picketers threw stones and wooden barricades destroying several windows of the consulate. Some of the Tibetans were arrested soon after an incident which involved minor clashes with the New york Police. However, the protest went on peacefullly throughout the day.

The worldwide cry for Free Tibet came into highlight when the Chinese armed forces killed around 100 Tibetan peaceful demonstrators mainly Tibetan monks in Lhasa, capital city of Tibet on 14 March 2008. In Tibet, mass demonstrations are happening in different places. It is in such grief that Chinese acted voilently against the Tibetan protestors.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama contempts the use of voilent means in crushing the Tibetan people and urged the Chinese leaders to address the deep and longstanding resentment of the Tibetan people against the Chinese repression.

After the Chinese illegal occupation of Tibet in 1959, Tibetans are living in fear of prosecutions. There is no human rights and the universal freedom of speech and expression are being voilated in Tibet.

Though China repeatedly says that Tibetans are happy in Tibet, the recent demonstration is simply a clear indication that the Tibetans are not at all happy with the Chinese. The recentments against the Chinese are high and the Tibetans are raising their voice heard all over the world.

Nearly two decades had passed since the earlier mass demonstration in Tibet led by the Buddhist monks in 1989. At present, the common people are actively involved in voicing their concerns for Free Tibet.

With the oylmpic game approaching near, China must act promptly in favor of the justice for the Tibetans in granting the rights provided in their constitution. It is for the betterment of the Chinese as well as Tibetans to resolve this troublesome issues asap. Time is running Out. China must listen to the voice of Tibetans.

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