Saturday, March 15, 2008


Hundreds of Tibetan today protested infront of the United Nations Building in New York against the ruthless killing of around hundred Tibetans peaceful demonstrators by the Chinese armed forces since March 10, 2008. The situation inside Tibet is tense and presently remains under martial law. The recent demonstration was regarded as the largest protest launched by the Tibetan since 1989. For around six decades, after the illegatimate occupation of Tibet by the Communist China, Tibet suffered mercilessly under the iron grip of China. This year, the protest against China is sponteneous and worldwide. Tibetans inside and in diaspora along with the supporters are peacefully demonstrating against the Chinese occupation of Tibet. The freedom struggle will go on for generations until Tibet is free. Time has reaped for Tibetans to go back to Tibet, our fatherland. Arise and march for Free Tibet.  The freedom is not far and we shall overcome the pain, blood, tears, and energy for the Freedom of Tibet. Arise, my brothers and sister, we shall march to Free Tibet. 

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