Monday, April 14, 2008


April 14, 2008, hundreds of Tibetans and supporters from New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Boston and Philadelphia gethered at UN plaza to honor and mourn Tibetans who have been killed by the Chinese armed forces in Tibet over the recent month. It is estimated that more than 140 Tibetans were killed. During the protest, 140 dummy coffins representing all those killed were carried from the Chinese Consulate, New York to UN Plaza. Later, three coffins were allowed to pass through the street opposite to UN building and the protestors shouted and appeal the UNO to make justice on the Tibetan case. UNO passed three resolutions on Tibet in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Since then, UNO has ignored the Tibetan case and succumbed to Communist China. Tibet was invaded by the Communist China in 1959 and since then, Tibetan people had suffered greatly without much human rights and freedom. 
Recently, after the monks from Lhasa were beaten by the Chinese armed forces, during the demonstration seeking religious freedom inside Tibet, around 1,000 Tibetan laymen ransacked and looted, burned Chinese shops and offices. The demonstration spread all over Tibet and even in mainland China and most of them remained peacefully. However, not withstanding the nonviolent means of demonstration, China feared threat to their sovereign authority over Tibet and crushed the demonstrations by using forces. The Dalai Lama appealed the Chinese government to refrain using violence.
Since there is an outburst of Tibetan crisis in all over the world, the Chinese government slammed the western media of being baised and onesided. Their reputation sink to the lowest when they accused the Dalai Lama as "wolf in the monk's rope" rather than acknowledging their policy fault in Tibet. Instead of redressing the Tibet's policy which is not likeable by the Tibetan people, the Chinese government harshened the policy by reenforcing "Patriotic reeduction campaign" in monasteries aftermath the recent incident.
In the spirit of non violence, the Tibetans are seeking justice. However, the Chinese government used their old fashioned means of inciting resentments among the Chinese people towards Tibetans and the western world. The Chinese government is playing game with the Chinese public by creating a superficial nationalism. At present, due to the censorship of the medias, the Chinese people might get fooled but the time will come when they realize that the CCP is playing with their emotions. The Communist China must understand the fact that truth will prevail one day, sooner or later.

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